Bridge gaps in academics to increase youth’s readiness for college, trades, certifications, and careers.
Build self-esteem and confidence by increasing the student’s academic achievement.
Strengthen values in families by improving parent’s work productivity, and students life skills leading to overall self-sufficiency.
Develop leadership skills and promoting civic responsibility through engaging students in workshops and service activities.
Increase physical fitness and nutrition through fitness programs.
And promote discipline through dance.

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TSG “Glitter Shop” teaches traditional etiquette, discipline, and leadership development, as well as offers tutoring and career exploration opportunities. TSG students meet with parents, volunteers, community leaders, and a variety of speakers to discuss a broad range of topics, such as risky behaviors, college choices, individual creativity, culture, and more.
Glitter Shop also serves as TSG’s community outreach initiative. Glitter Shop students participate in a variety of community service projects.
We have worked with other non-profit organizations such as Koman Foundation and Gilda’s Club.
We have also participated in civic programs such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. recognition programs, back to school programs, end of school programs, corporate community family days.
We have performed in local and regional parades for 4th of July, Flag Day, Freedom Festivals, Fall Festivals, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Labor Day, Diversity Day, Veteran’s Day, etc.

This participation exposes our students to information and awareness, which is vital to healthy cultural development.
When our students have specific problems at school, the TSG Volunteers will make a personal visit to the school to get involved in the situation. The TSG Volunteers will work with teachers, administrators, and counselors, this “hands on” involvement sends a clear message to the student that TSG is “family” and the student is never alone. This also sends a clear message to the school that TSG is available to help keep the student on a path to academic success.
We strive to decreases delinquent peer associations by filling students’ non-productive idle time with activities and creating an environment for positive peer association.

TSG teaches the value or working together toward a common goal through team activities. These may include fundraising, practicing, team building activities, or teaching. Students will be encouraged to cooperate with one another, to practice appropriate sportsmanship, accept and give constructive criticism, and encouraged to support team members and others.

One-Time Donation for an amount of your choice